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The terms Heian, Kamakura, Muromachi, Momoyama refer to historical eras. See the Japanese Historical Eras reference page.


Upper class Heian and Kamakura women's wear. The first two pictures, with their many layers, is Heian semiformal wear. Note that it is essentially the same as Karaginu Mo without the Karaginu (short jacket) and mo (white train). Informal occasions and lower ranks called for fewer layers, such as the two pictures to the right.


By the Kamakura era, there were some subtle changes. Very formal dress was without hakama (as you see on the left) and semiformal and informal dress was essentially the informal dress of the Heian era with the nagabakama shortened to a walk-able length. It was also more acceptable to wear a Kosode and Hakama without Uwagi.

Garments: kosode, nagabakama or women's hakama, hitoe, optional utsutsuginu and/or uchiginu, uwagi


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